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Designed for all water sports, this high-performance rashguard can inflate three ways:  automatically (with automatic inflation insert), by pulling the ripcord or via manual inflation.  Rashguard comes with one CO2 canister and one automatic inflation insert.  Additional CO2 canisters and automatic inflation inserts should be purchased directly from SOS Swimshirt.  Using non-approved CO2 cartridges and automatic inflation inserts may not properly inflate rashguard and voids all warranties.    


Bondi-Black and White Hero Adult Size Shirt & Starter Kit

  • ISO 50 Certifed: The HERO inflatable rashguard is certified as a Level 50 Buoyancy Aid. All of our components are certified for use in life-saving devices. To change to manual inflation, remove the water sensing cartridge and replace with the blanking cap.


    50+ SPF Protection

    The high quality, 40 Denier material of the

    HERO inflatable rashguard is 50+ SPF treated, protecting wearers from the damaging effects of the sun.

  • Shipping of CO2 canisters is only included with orders within the continental US & Australia. 

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