The HERO Inflatable Rash Guard 

The Life It Saves Could Be Yours

Every year thousands of children and adults die in drowning fatalities.


Introducing a Hero that could save your life.

No more bulky swim wear! Invest in a swim shirt the whole family will want to wear.

HERO Rash Guard Features: 

Manually, Orally, & upon Submersion
50+ SPF Protection 
& Reflectors
Temperature Regulation & Extreme comfort 


Three Ways to Inflate:  For activities based around water, you can use auto inflation. If you find yourself in trouble pull the red toggle to inflate via the CO2 cartridge or orally inflate it. The CO2 cartridge must be replaced after each use.  

Sun Protection:  The light reflective branding makes wearers easier to find in low light. The Rash Guard is 50+ SPF, protecting wearers from the damaging effects of the sun.

Temperature Regulation: The double lined Rash Guard has a 220 Denier inflation chamber which helps stabilize body temperature in cooler waters, while the comfortably lined zip can be partially unzipped to allow for cooling water circulation in warmer circumstances.



Certified Life-Saving Device: The HERO Inflatable Rash Guard is certified as a Level 50 Buoyancy Aid by the International Standards Organization (ISO). All of our components are certified for use in life-saving devices.